Joy Lip Balm

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You open the cap, and suddenly you're ten again. Hot sun, sticky days, and a bike ride down to the corner store for an orange creamsicle to eat while you lay back and watch the clouds go by - those were the days. Summer was endless, and you reveled in every moment of freedom.

As you drench your lips with the vitamin rich natural butters and tea infused plant oils designed to pamper and nourish your skin, an idea stirs. You ponder it as you breathe in the warm, sweet scent of pure essential oils. As beeswax seals in all that goodness with a light, protective layer, you grin. "Boss? I'm not coming in today. I have an urgent appointment with some clouds."

Summed up:
~ soft, silky feel
~ nourishing butters and oils
~ protective beeswax
~ tea infusion
~ scented with pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrance
~ 100% natural

white tea infused sunflower oil*, olive oil, mango butter*, beeswax, vitamin e, vanilla absolute*, essential oils of sweet orange*, mandarin*, and bergamot*