Portable Hand Care Kit

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Washing our hands between errands is going to be an important part of our lives for quite a while, but it isn't always easy to find soap and water when we're out. We put together a kit for our own personal use, and when people kept asking us where we got it, we figured maybe you would like one too.

Each kit comes in a silver organza bag and contains a Cleanse scented castille soap, an On The Go alcohol based hand spray, an Energy travel sized body butter, and an empty container for you to fill with water.

When you receive the kit all you have to do is fill the container with water, throw in a couple of paper towels or a cloth for drying your hands, and put it in the car. After your next errand take two minutes to simply wash your hands, pat them dry, give them a spritz, moisturize and enjoy some peace of mind.