Chocolate Covered Orange Lip Balm

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Chocolate and orange. The combination always makes you smile. Every year, without fail, there it was nestled in the toe of your stocking - a big ball of orange flavored chocolate that you were actually encouraged to whack as hard as you could against the table and eat with your fingers.

So you drench your lips with the vitamin rich natural butters and tea infused plant oils designed to pamper and nourish your skin, and smile nostalgically. You remember as you breathe in the warm, sweet citrus scent of pure essential oils. And as beeswax seals in all that goodness with a light, protective layer, you get an idea. "Honey? I'd like to start a new tradition with the kids this year..."

Summed up:
~ soft, silky feel
~ nourishing butters and oils
~ protective beeswax
~ tea infusion
~ scented with pure essential oils - no synthetic fragrance
~ 100% natural

white tea infused sunflower oil, olive oil, mango butter, coco butter, beeswax, vitamin e, essential oils of sweet orange, mandarin, and bergamot*